See, Hear, Share: Missions in the North


Read any travel magazines or literature and you’ll find listed the many advantages of traveling to new places. Lists will include benefits such as challenging oneself, learning about the world, expanding one’s perspective, building and strengthening relationships, and experiencing new opportunities.


But what if your travels were for expanding your Kingdom perspective?


What if your journey led to a better understanding of what God is doing in the difficult places of this world?


SEND North conducts SURGE trips primarily for Chruch leadership throughout Alaska and northern Canada every year. On a SURGE trip it is possible to catch a glimpse of God’s story in the North as told through personal interactions with our missionaries on the field.


It’s a comprehensive experience that provides a chance to gain first-hand understanding by seeing, hearing and sharing in village life while visiting various northern communities.


For more information, please contact Steven Hall


This Christmas would you like to help our SEND North missionaries share the love of Christ with those throughout Alaska and Northern Canada? Click here:

SEND North Christmas Project




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