The Alaska Rules of Camping


Our family just got back from our Annual Family Camping Trip. I must say it is one of the things I look forward to most each summer. In 10+ years of making our pilgrimage into the woods for some summertime R&R, we have learned a few tricks and set a few family camping rules:

  • Tent camping only! None of this RV / camper stuff. Canvas should be the only thing between you and nature.


  • No need for flashlights. It’s Alaska in the summer – it never gets dark.
  • You can never pack too many blue tarps. Being dry and staying dry are very important.
  • Always cook over an open fire. These propane camp stoves take all of the adventure out of the process.(And being married to a gourmet cook really adds to the adventure!)


  • Take the people you love most with you. Nothing brings people together more than a roaring fire, melted chocolate, graham crackers and marshmallows on a stick!




Published by Arctic Travelogue

We are Southerns by birth, but spent the last 12 years living and working in Alaska with SEND North. We've now relocated to the Lower 48 to continue our ministry. Join us here as we explore what it means to have an expanded worldview, and find some opportunities to become involved!

3 thoughts on “The Alaska Rules of Camping

  1. Love those camping rules! You are guaranteed a special time by following them! I am no gourmet cook, but I was tickled to know that we do use the same ingredients for my favorite, S’mores!


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