Our Story – Part 2



Part 2 – from Steven

Twelve years later, I question if I still have the faith we had back at the very beginning. Possibly with a little more youth on our side, back then we were a little more willing to lay it all on the line.

Could it be that we were willing to trust God more . . . then?

I had been in the business world up to this point. Over ten years in sales and management working my way along, making advancements when I could, and when the day came for me to walk away and enter full-time ministry – I did. Now that I look back, I still question how we did it. Life still moved forward even though we were in the process of dramatic change.  I guess this is where we learned the concept of trust.

So one step at a time we trusted God to provide for our every need and steer us to the direction he led.

Lead he did, all the way to the Far North. For this couple born and raised in the Deep South, the process of raising a family in the vast expanse of Alaska has been quite an adventure. From collapsed septic systems, to – 45 F, to unexpected health challenges, it has been a journey . . .

A 12-year journey that God has directed every step of the way . . .

A 12-year journey that I have gotten to take with the girl I’ve loved since 10th grade . . .



Published by Arctic Travelogue

We are Southerns by birth, but spent the last 12 years living and working in Alaska with SEND North. We've now relocated to the Lower 48 to continue our ministry. Join us here as we explore what it means to have an expanded worldview, and find some opportunities to become involved!

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